Info center

The aim of the info-center for providing support, information and counseling for young people.

We provide information from the following areas:

Education and Informatization
Employment and Entrepreneurship
Social policy
Health care
Active participation of young people in society
Free time of youth

The Zagor is part of the Regional Info Center for Youth Zagreb and is a member of Community of youth information centers in Croatia (

Information and counseling through the info center for young people is provided through:

- the Office of the Zagor; Trg svete Jelene 6 from 07.00 to 15.00

- E-mail to the

- By signing up for mailing lists - you can sign up via the

- By phone at 049.222.635 or 091.222.6350

- Through

- Through the regional youth information portal

- Through the info wall in Youth Center (Trg svete Jelene 6, Zabok)

- Facebook Mreža udruga Zagor

- Facebook Volonterski centar VolontirAJMO

- Via Twitter: @zagorinfo

- Through the Youtube Channel: Mreža udruga Zagor

- through radio shows and television

- through public events


Network of associations Zagor is the beneficiary of institutional support to the National Foundation for civil society development for stabilization and/or development of the Association